How to Install an Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Installation Process

how to install an air conditioner

How to Install an Air Conditioner

Installing an air conditioner is a popular spring project for homeowners and business owners. Because It’s the perfect time to do it – schedule your air conditioner installation in spring so your system is ready for summer!

First of all you need to select the most suitable AC unite for your place. For this you need to take in account  factors as, sizing, efficiency:

  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Split systems
  • Heat pump
  • Packaged air conditioners
  • Ductless mini-split air conditioners

Meeting with air conditioning contractors

Once you contact New York City Air Conditioning Repair & Service, we arrange an estimate to install a central air conditioner. Our professional technitians will guide you through the installation process. They’ll answer questions you have about system types, helping you choose the right option for your comfort and financial needs. They’ll perform cooling load calculations to determine the size of central air conditioner needed. Our HVAC technitians will advise you as to other considerations needed for your new air conditioner to work optimally.

Choosing New York City Air Conditioning Repair & Service

After choosing us to install your new air conditioning system. We will meet you again, or schedule a time for a sales representative to come pick up your contract. We will inform you of the project’s timeline and schedule your installation. We also will order the central air conditioner from a supplier first before scheduling specific installation dates.

Our Air Conditioning Installation Process

Pre - AC Installation

Before the Air Conditioning installation day, one of the our certified technicians will ensure the selected system is the right size for your home and verify that the installation area is clean and accessible for a simple installation.

Air Conditioning Installation Testing

Once it's set up, the installer will make sure that the AC unit is producing cold air, look for duct leaks and measure airflow, making all mandatory modifications.

Air Conditioning Installation

After the technician arrives, they will verify your new AC is placed accurately, stabilized and has the right degree of clearance. Then, they'll install the piping and wiring and get your system prepared for testing.