Repair or Replace air conditioner

How to know if repair or replace air conditioner

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Repair or replace air conditioner

When your air conditioner fails, it can be difficult to know if it’s a sign for an AC repair
or if a replacement would be a greater option for the future. The answer isn’t similar for every homeowner.
For example, a system that has been taken care of could be a better candidate for an AC repair
because it will generally have a longer existence than another system that hasn’t been serviced.
Many other influences should be taken into account in addition to this.
We’ve got some questions that can help direct you.

How old is your system

The age of your air conditioner is a huge factor in your decision for air conditioning repair or invest in a replacement.
Aged systems usually don’t function as effectively as they did when they were new,
and especially not as effectively as a new, energy-efficient model.
Actually, you could decrease your energy consumption by more than you may know if you exchange your older system with a new, energy-efficient unit. Usually, this savings will rationalize investment in a replacement system.

So how old is “too old”? That can vary based on your exact equipment and how well it’s been cared for,
but Energy Star advises upgrading to an energy-efficient unit if your current central air conditioner is older than 10 years old.

How often are you repairing it?

Beyond your unit’s age, look at your AC repair history. If your system has failed a couple of times,
it’s likely to stop working again, this circumstance can end up costing you more money in the long term.

Here are some other questions you should consider

  • Is your house cool enough in the summer? If not, your system isn’t keeping up.
  • Are your energy bills increasing without increased usage? This is a indication that your air conditioner is failing.
  • Is your system properly sized? If your system is too small for your home, it can’t do its job. Likewise, if you’ve not long ago worked to make your home more energy efficient, your system can essentially be larger than you need to cool a very efficient home.

If you’re unclear about if you need an AC repair or if it’s time to think about a AC replacement,
Comfort Zone Pro Inc. can help! Our experts can help you establish how much life lingers in your system and what the top option for your home and budget will be.